Head Coaches Contact Information

The quickest and easiest way to get in touch with or coaches is through email. Below you will find the email address for each head coach in our district (varsity, junior varsity, and middle school).

Varsity Sports

Baseball Head Coach – Kenny Lipsey klipsey@lexington4.net

Girls Basketball Head Coach – Bryant McNeal bmcneal@lexington4.net

Boys Basketball Head Coach – Chris Register cregister@lexington4.net

Cross Country Head Coach – Shelia Parkman sparkman@lexington4.net

Football Head Coach – Brent Wilder bwilder@lexington4.net

Golf Head Coach – Cathy Hill chill@lexington4.net

Girls Soccer Head Coach – Alexa Woodburn awoodburn@lexington4.net

Boys Soccer Head Coach – Patrick Bannister pbannister@lexington4.net

Softball Head Coach – Marty Mack mmack@lexington4.net

Track and Field Head Coach – Daniel Burton dburton@lexington4.net

Volleyball Head Coach – Miranda Hall-Williams  mhall-williams@lexington4.net

Wrestling Head Coach – Jacob Price jprice@lexington4.net


Junior Varsity Sports

Baseball Head Coach – Michael Tindall ctindall@lexington4.net

Boys Basketball Head Coach – Jeffrey Hall jhall@lexington4.net

Girls Soccer Head Coach – (email varsity head coach)

Boys Soccer Head Coach – (email varsity head coach)

Softball Head Coach – Miranda Hall-Williams  mhall-williams@lexington4.net

Track and Field Head Coach – Daniel Burton dburton@lexington4.net

Volleyball Head Coach – Madison Ryan mryan@lexington4.net

Wrestling Head Coach – Jacob Price jprice@lexington4.net


Middle School Sports

Football Head Coach – Jeffrey Hall jhall@lexington4.net

Girls Basketball Head Coach – Taylor Deans tdean@lexington4.net

Boys Basketball Head Coach – Brandon Cumbee rcumbee@lexington4.net